Bergger BRF 400 Plus Discontinued – RIP

I found out the other day that Bergger has discontinued their BRF 400 Plus B&W film (above).  This is unfortunate because it’s a lovely film stock that I was hoping to shoot with for many years to come. There is good news though. Fortunately, they will be replacing it with a new film called Pancro 400, a 400 ASA fine grain panchromatic film. According to Bergger’s product page, “BERGGER Pancro 400 is a two emulsion film , composed with silver bromide and silver iodide. They differ by the size of their grain. These properties allow a wide exposure latitude.  Crystals are precipitated by a double-jet process, under the control of a computer. The two emulsions are panchromatic, and are stabilized by high tech systems.”

The film looks promising and I’m excited to start shooting with it.  I’ve already pre-ordered a brick of it, which should be shipping before the end of February, 2017.  Here is a link to Bergger’s product page for Pancro 400: CLICK HERE



Here are a few images I took with BRF 400 Plus (RIP Bergger BRF 400 Plus):