Water Bath For Developing Film At Home – C41 E6 B&W

(Originally Posted On My Old Blog)

Here is a quick video, some pictures, and a parts list for my water bath. I use this water bath for home-processing color film where maintaining temperature is critical for success. Of course, it could be used for processing B&W film too.

Note: This is by no means a detailed tutorial. It’s just a video, some pictures, and a list of parts that I used to make it. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for making your own water bath.

Parts List – (Most Items Are Clickable And Take You Directly To Their Product Page)

-Water Tank – I had stainless steel tank already. You could search ebay for something that might work, or maybe you can find something at your local hardware.

PID Temperature Controller, Thermocouple, SSR (Solid State Relay) – I didn’t use the Thermocouple (Temperature Sensor) that came with this kit. The thermocouple is not water tight. I could have sealed it up with a bunch of sealant, but that’s not my style. I purchased the liquid tight RTD sensor below instead. You may be able to find this PID for cheaper if you purchase just the PID without the Thermocouple. You’ll need to purchase the SSR (Solid State Relay) separately as well though, so it may be a wash.

120 GPH Submersible Aquarium Pump – (Qty: 2) – The pumps circulate the water in the tank. You can probably get away with one pump, but I like two. It will depend on the size of your water bath tank too. The video shows only one pump.

Liquid tight RTD sensor, 2 in, 1/4 NPT Thread (Deluxe Cable) – This is the sensor that monitors the temperature of the water in the tank.

1000 Watt Heater Element

Power Inlet

Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure

External Mount Heat Sink for 25A SSR

Brass Pipe Fitting, Locknut, 1/4″

Brass Pipe Fitting, Locknut, 1″

Red 15A Single Round Outlet Receptacle – The red outlet is controlled by the PID controller and turns on/off based on the water temperature. It’s what I plug the heater element (yellow cord) into. You don’t have to use a red receptacle. I just thought it was cool.

Hubbell AC Receptacle 15A/125 vac – (CNE) HBL5261D

1 Gang Weatherproof Electrical Outlet Box

-2 A/C Neon Indicator Lights (1 Red, 1 Green)

-A/C On/Off Toggle Switch

-An old yellow extension cord I had laying around

-A power cord from an old computer to power the controller/system.